January- After Wes Craven passed away. I want to make a slasher film for a tribute to him but I think I can’t make it as a feature film cause I don’t have enough story to tell so I invite 2 directors to make a horror short film then became the project called #BangkokDarkTales

February- I think this picture the only 1 selfie that I have with #TheSixMoons, we took this while we workshop in my acting class. I had a great time with them and we started shooting #2moons2 this month too. #Aam2019

March- we shot #2moons2 for the whole month and I was so tense and depressing for all the pressure that I got, Then Pavel invited me to join his bike to the set and he drove so fast through the tunnel then I felt free, it was so risky but all my depress was gone after that.

April- it was my first time to meet the fan of #2moons2 @AlyxzanderRae, he from the USA. I was so happy and we had a great time chatting and eating and talking about lots of thing. #Aam2019

May- there were 2 greatest moments in May. First, it was the press conference for #2moons2 (I almost got no invited but Mello invited me, Thanks them!) and 2nd was the premiere of #BangkokDarkTales on may 23rd and May 23rd is my birthday as well. #Aam2019

June- I was invited to be a speaker for young filmmakers who needs inspiration and it was so much fun telling my story to those people who have the passion and I was so honest telling about the industry. I told them to be yourself and don’t afraid to make a mistake #Aam2019

July- I went to Koh Kut to get inspiration for #PresentStillPerfect and I fall in love with the island. It quite far from Bangkok but it perfect place to find peace in your mind. At the same time, I was making subtitle for #2moons2

August- Again, I went back to the island for creating the shot with my DOP but it was raining all days and nights so this picture, I was in the middle of canal waiting for the rain to stop but it never happened. #Aam2019

September- I did a rehearsal with @joloke_ @ice_adisorn25 for almost every day to prepare for #PresentStillPerfect and we shot this film from the middle of the month until the end. It was so tried but it worth it. #Aam2019

October- I went to Japan and I was happy to met #2moons2 Japanese fans! That the best part of my trip to get to know every single one of you! #Aam2019

November- I got invited from Taiwan to be one of the speakers and talk about the BL industry in Thailand and I felt such an honor to be on the same panel with incredible filmmakers and I got to know a lot of people there. #Aam2019

December- I’m not a professional editor and I have to edit #PresentStillPerfect by myself because I’m poor. I don’t have a budget to hire any editor but I made it and it was easier than I thought so now I am a professional editor ha!

Overall, as I mentioned before that 2019 is the worst year for my life, but the best year for my career. One thing is because of the fans, that’s why I have power every day. Thanks them! We don’t know each other but I feel like I have a family, not a fans and I love them so much.