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A freelance filmmaker, Movie | TV series and Commercial Video Writer, Director and Producer / Event organizer / Owner of Commetive Production


He was an exchange student in United State Of America on 2017 and He graduated from Bangkok University majoring in Film and Performing Arts in 2013. 


He has been produced and directed over 20 short-films, Many commercials presentation video, 5 Feature films and a huge hit TV series.

Business CEO

He own his independent film company called “COMMETIVE PRODUCTION” since 2012. The company had already more than 100 customers.

Aam's Story

Aam Anusorn Soisa-ngim, He is a new wave Thai filmmaker. His works have been awarded the funding from Busan Film Commission, South Korea 2 times from the movie “Why am I left behind” (2014) A short documentary film that was shot in China and “Anti-human” (2016). Moreover, Two shorts film that made him be known from Thai film industry were “Present Perfect” (2012) and “There is no space for me” (2015) also have been widely recognized in leading short film festival all around the globe.

His first feature film, “Present Perfect” (2017), the first Thai film to be funded by the government of Hokkaido, Japan. It was modified and adapted from his old short film in 2012. It got selected as the Top 10 Best Film in the LGBTQ Amsterdam Film Festival, Netherlands. The film got official selected by many leading film festivals around the world, including the World Film Festival of Bangkok, Thailand, SERILE FILMULUI GAY International Film Festival, Romania, Western Visayas Film Festival, Philippines and many more. It recently released in Taiwan. It was become success with tickets sold out within minutes. Later on early 2018, He designed to put the film to online platforms like Amazon, Filmdoo and GagaoolalaO, the film become one of the most watched by the audiences in 2018.

After the success of Present Perfect”, He continues to make another film called “The Presentation” (2020) The film was shot in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates on August 2017 and plan to screen on in 2023.

While he has to wait for “The Presentation”, He was announced on his Facebook page on December 2018 that he will be the Director for the new TV romantic series “2moons2” based on the best selling book “2moons”. After airing, the Series got big successful worldwide with more than 100 million views, Rank on no.2 the most watched TV series in 2019 and got many positive reviews from the critics, earning scores 8.5-9 based on over 2,000 users in mydramalist.com and IMDB. One of the film critics wrote about him,

“Dir. Anusorn also appears to be a competitive individual, which is great because he knows that there is competition and he likes to win. That’s one of the things I like about him. It definitely shows on his artwork. “ wrote by Psycho-milk.https://psycho-milk.com/2019/11/08/2moons2-full-review-part-2-2/ 

His 3rd up-coming feature films “Bangkok dark tales” a horror slasher that he directed and produced have been screen in Thailand and Southeast Asia country on May 23rd and September 26 in Singapore. The film got mixed reviews from film critics. The press conference event of the film, located at Siam Pavalai theater in Siam Paragon.

On the late November of 2019, He has been invited to Taiwan, to be one of the speaker for the First GOL summit, the Largest LGBTQ+ filmmaking conference in Asia. He become the youngest speaker there at the age of 30. 

Now he working with the new feature film “Present Still Perfect” the sequel from “Present Perfect” (2017) Due to fan demand and over 2 million views online so he design to continue the love story. He mentioned that the film will make a big social impact on the Asian country. He released the first teaser of the film right after he finished the shooting. The teaser went viral on Twitter, Lot of fans made the reaction video for it and the teaser was being translated into many languages. The film will be premiering on March 12th, 2020. 




Aam have 4 feature films such as “Present Perfect” (2017) the Film went success in Asia and have been selected in many film festival around the world, 1 TV Drama series “2moons2” (2019) became international hit with 100 million views worldwide.



Aam produced many TV commercial and all his film, He also produced as well. He recieved funding from Busan Bank (A part of Busan International Film Festival) 2 times from his documentary “Why am i left behind?” and horror film “Anti-Human” 



He edited all his films by himself. He also edited for Music Video from Songkran The Voice and many TV shows



Aam wrote all his films and TV series by himself. He also wrote script for many commercial and TV show. He will release his first book very soon.



Aam is also inspired speaker, He went to Taiwan to talk about Entertainment industry in Thailand. He was also speaker about filmmaking experiences for young student filmmakers in many University.



Aam have been working as an Action Coach for TV series “2moons” and music designer for all his films.

Why choose to work with COMMETIVE PRODUCTION?

COMMETIVE PRODUCTION CO.,LTD is a multidisciplinary creative and production house. Our services is served domestically and internationally. We are prestigious in Asian. 

Our company was trusted to be the first one who received budget from Higashikawa Municipality in Japan to produce the film, “Present Perfect”. (Directed by Anusorn Soisa-ngim), telling the story of two men that accidentally meet and fall in love in Higashikawa town.

And we also received funds from Busan Film Commission  twice for the  documentary titled “Why am I left behind” and the featured film titled “ANTI-HUMAN”. 

Our company also produces multimedia for Thai government, various organizations, companies in Thailand such as Ministry of Energy, PTT Group, Thailand Red Cross, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) or Enconfund Thailand. And in part of international work we were trusted to produce advertising for giant Japanese company such as Glico.

100% Happy Clients with the projects and continue working with us.

more than 40 official film selection from many film festival around the world. Our film “Present Perfect” is 1 of 7 Best LGBT films in 2017 and got nominee in Thai Suphannahong Awads (Thai Oscar’s Award)

New technology, We updating everyday.

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