“I’m jealous” That’s what I told everyone on GOL summit and published on Variety.com

Me, talking about how BL’s industry in Thailand 🇹🇭

Thai filmmaker and summit attendee Anusorn Soisa-ngim said he was “jealous, honestly” of Taiwan’s marriage law and creative freedoms. “My country produces a lot of boys’-love films and gay content, but they never actually accept LGBT people for real,” he said. He is currently developing a sequel to his first feature “Present Perfect,” which will continue the story of a romance between a Thai man and his Japanese partner.

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I’m honestly upset and don’t understand why Thai government not allowed same sex marriage ! If I want to marry someone. It’s none of fucking damn any Goverment business. That’s my right and who don’t support this policy, fuck you! Shame on you, if you didn’t respect my right so you are heartless person.

LGBT Right = Human Right!

simple as that!

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