Become Vegan – Day 2

I woke up at a usual date and have Cereal for breakfast with the hot tea, I put 3 spoons of sugar, I hope it not too much. I feel that I don’t want to eat meat. Every time I woke up I want to eat something chewing but today I want to eat something soft so my intern bought me this breakfast ( thanks to them). 


At lunch, I ordered a vegan bowl from Jone’s salad restaurant. I got rice with lots of healthy stuff like Avocados 🥑 (which I love the most) tomatoes and many more healthy things. I honestly want to tell you that I felt I’m going to pass out, I felt I have no energy so I order Thai milk tea with 100% sweet.

Just finish working today, we were meeting all day and preparing for a big event. I’m gonna pass out and I’m sh*t like lava. You know when you eat too many vegetables, it likes detox and clean and washing everything inside of you, which is good. Oh, I forgot to tell you that now it almost 9 pm. I have no energy to eat any food. I have the salad that I ordered from the afternoon but I just too sleepy to eat. So I’m gonna go to bed early today. Good night! 

Wait, I got some juice and I’m gonna drink it before bed.

Thanks for reading! Love ya 

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