Become Vegan – Day 1

Aam is Vegan – Day 1

I woke up around 8.26 am. My sleeping average is 6 hours and a half per night from the past 3 months. I quit ok with the number but I’m trying to hit 8 hours a day.. hopefully I’ll make it next month. 

There are tons of reason why I wanna becoming vegetarian but one of the main reason, I guess is like other vegetarian is I don’t want to kill the animals. I got a dog and 2 cats and I felt like they are feel like us. They get pain, hurt or hungry just like pig, cows or chicken or other animals.

I heard that become vegetarian, you need to release something in yourself and learn to let go of something very important and I want to feel that. I want to feel that I brave enough to break the wall of my self and let go of something. No more killing animals. 

So here is come! Today is the first day of me becoming vegetarian but I still eating eggs and milks (I’m not the hardcore one and I can’t let it go of cheese ha!) 

Now is 11.45. I’m on the motorbike going to the movie theater. I think I’m gonna miss my first vegetarian breakfast so I might have popcorn and Diet Coke for breakfast, which it not healthy at all but god damn my motorbike driver is terrible. 

And yes! I had popcorn and Pepsi max for breakfast and lunch! IT NOT GOOD AT ALL but at least I got to eat. The movie that I just watched called ”the farewell” it was a very good movie and great performances by the casts. I enjoyed it so much! And now I’m on my way to the meeting of Thai film director. I’m 1.12 hours late already. 

Now is 4.40 pm. I only had popcorn and Pepsi for brunch and just finish the meeting. Lucky that P Not gave me a ovantin sticks from Switzerland 🇨🇭. It is delicious 😋 high sugar but who care? I need food right now. P Prang also gave me a Vietnam food which it including meat. I was like Damn it but I tried to tell myself it ok to not to eat it. I’ll share the meat part to my sisters. 

I don’t know what it call but it from Switzerland
Vietnamese food
Roti with eggs

It’s 9.40 pm right now up there was my dinner. Lots of green and pretty good, I got my roti with eggs and sweet milk. This is like my first day in my life that I have no meat into my stomach and I feel pretty positive to myself. I feel I can do it, it’s not that hard but remember! This is just the first day. I’ll update you how am I tomorrow! 

And I’m sad

Anyway, Thailand women’s volleyball didn’t make it to Olympic after big match with Korean. I’m not surprise, Korean got very strong players!

Goodnight 😘 

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