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With more than 10 years experiences in the industry. We can handle any creativity jobs from little scale until big scale.

We are a group of independent filmmakers, We call ourself “COMMETIVE PRODUCTION & AGENCY” We do multidisciplinary creative and production house. We have been working also in Thailand and international. We are prestigious in Asian. Our company was trusted to be the first one who received budget from Higashikawa Municipality, Hokkaido province in Japan to produce “Present Perfect” the movie, The drama film which tells story of 2 men they meet together in Higashikawa and learning life lesson to other. And we also were received budgets twice from Busan Film Commission with one documentary film named “Why am I left behind” and one feature film called “ANTI-HUMAN”. Our latest feature film called ”Bangkok Dark Tales” which it showing in the theatre on May 23rd, 2019

We don’t just make film but also make a TV commercials, TV series, Presentation videos and event organising with Thai Critics Film Award and AIA COMPANY. We have been working for Thai government and individual organisations in Thailand such as Ministry of Energy, PTT Group, The Thai Red Cross Society, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) or Enconfund Thailand. And in part of international work we also were trusted to produce advertising for giant corporation in Japan as Glico. 

COMMETIVE PRODUCTION co., Ltd, We make sure that every product from our company it will be the best. Because we have a very  ”PROFESSIONAL” team to produce the best ”QUALITY” with the ”CREATIVITY” ideas that we always have. Work with us, you won’t be disappointed. 

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What people say about me?

"Anusorn posses strong determination and leadership. He is a good listener to his team with eyes for details. I found things done without concerns when working with him. A highly effective person people have sought."
Vitaya Saeng-Aroon
Marketing, sales, LGBT media, 4 books published, into creativity and design.
"Anusorn has been a valuable jury member at Viddsee Juree Awards Indonesia 2018. Part of his jury duties included judging finalist films with a panel of judges, and he has put in great sincerity and effort in pushing for his favourite titles. We enjoyed every moment with Anusorn around, and I’m definitely looking forward to working together for future projects ;)"
Nikki Loke
"Aam is not only a very talented filmmaker and writer but is also one of the most genuine, honest,
and thoughtful human beings I know!)"
Greg Gunderson
Owner/President at Forestoration, Inc. and Center for Native Plants

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